Hannah Kerrigan (also known internationally as Hannah Kohavi Kerrigan)

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Schetches honoring Gertrud Kraus by RayRoyiii

Hannah Kohavi Kerrigan. Greenwood Lake, New York. Ballet.
Hanna Kohavi was born in Tel Aviv, Israel .  As a young child in Israel, her mother  caught her looking into a basement window on the boulevard, spying on a ballet class which, as it turns out, was being taught by the late great Gertrud Kraus of Vienna, (herself a student of
Gertrud Bodenwieser). Kraus was then  the artistic director of the Israel Ballet Theatre. Remembering the little face in the window, and after being persuaded by Hanna's father, Kraus consented to take on Hanna as a student. The student proved to be a little frail, but promising.

Later, as a young girl Hanna moved to the United States with her family: father, mother and brother. There, in New York City, Hannah resumed her studies with Seda Suny Sorvillo. Madame Seda eventually relinquished her student Hannah and sent her to study with one of  Madame's own  students, then the Director of the American Ballet Theatre School, Leon Danielian.

Pictured above: Hannah Kohavi Kerrigan plays in

Gayane Ballet. (Music by Khachaturian)  in the role of Aisha . Not pictured, Hannah Kohavi Kerrigan danced Theme 1 in in George Balanchine's Ballet, The Four Temperaments. Music by Paul Hindemith.